Cover for Program Management: Going Beyond Project Management to Enable Value-Driven Change

Program Management: Going Beyond Project Management to Enable Value-Driven Change

Unique and adaptable approach to program management, offering key insights needed for professionals and business leaders to drive strategic change

Program Management links business purpose, strategy, program stakeholders, benefits realization, and transformative change-making to provide a uniquely integrated view and use of program management, offering practicing initiative leaders the skills and mindset shifts needed to effectively communicate and champion programs to stakeholders.

The text includes key insights into strategy execution excellence and designing risk-based governance strategies that empower a learning culture within the PMO and across the business, guidance that is customizable to the nature of strategic initiatives and change efforts at the individual and organizational level, and customization that is driven by the emphasis on the potential use of programs and projects as learning labs for different levels of complexity, organizational maturity, and diverse business contexts.

Written by a highly qualified author with more than 30 years of experience in the field, Program Management covers critical topics such as:

  • Origin of programs, program management definitions and concepts, the role of program manager vs. project manager, and the importance of value focus across the program life cycle.
  • How leaders need to be agile, navigate political waters, manage incredible complexity, and align diverse stakeholders.
  • Envisioning a Program Roadmap that fits context and inspires commitment to continuously achieving value.
  • The culture for change making and the attributes for a healthy “change culture” including the future Power Skills. Also addressing the value proposition of program professionals in the future.
  • Impact of digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the future of programs.
  • Creating the value-driven way of working and developing the value mindset coupled with the role of benefits management in programs and projects.
  • The PMO as the learning engine for the enterprise and the changing role of the program offices.
  • Becoming a Change Scientist, the maturing of value and strategic metrics in programs, and how to achieve the right metrics design and mix.

For program and project managers, practitioners, PMO leaders, students in project and program management courses, and those studying for project and program management certifications, Program Management is an essential mindset, skillset, and toolset for executing a strategic plan and providing synergy, consistency in managing change, and a greater focus on achieving what matters to customers and stakeholders.

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